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Elite is a supplier of disposable interventional products, specializing in ODM and OEM processing and manufacturing related businesses for sterile medical devices, especially in the fields of vascular and non vascular intervention, digestive tract, orthopedics, etc. At present, our products mainly include medical balloon inflation device, radial artery tourniquet, pressure extending tubing, etc. We have 10 years of experience in producing sterile medical devices, and our intervention disposable products have obtained ISO 13485 and CE certification.

  • Inflation device

    Inflation Device is a kind of device which is used in PCI operation for pressurizing on the balloon dilation catheter to make the balloon expand so as to realize the goal of expanding the blood vessel or retaining a stent inside the blood vessel.
  • Radial artery tourniquet

    Radial Artery Tourniquets are used for the compression hemostasis after percutaneous arterial interventional operation.
  • Pressure extending tubing

    Pressure Extending Tubing for single use is intended for connecting the connection panel and sensors during angiography in a percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) procedure. Pressure extension set can serve as switch for infusion and blood transfusion.
  • Y connector set

    Y-connector Set is a common surgical instrument, which is used in connection of the guide catheter and completion of the PTCA in the interventional operation.
  • Torque device

    Medical torque device is a special type of guide wire lock, which has characteristics such as corrosion resistance, low wear resistance, good adaptability to harsh environments, and providing micro range and high-precision positioning. Medical torque device is very suitable for the medical industry ...
  • Sinus balloon

    The sinus balloon refers to the lifting of the sinus like balloon in the superior frontal sinus of the heart. The greatest power of this technology lies in creating a perfectly shaped balloon in the upper frontal sinus cavity to make cardiac action more effective. Sinus balloon can help improve the ...
  • Angiography syringe

    Angiography syringe is indicated to provide injection channel for fluid and contrast transportation in interventional operation.
  • Sampling bottle

    A medical sampling bottle is a container used to collect and store various medical samples, such as blood, urine, and body fluids. Medical sampling bottle is usually made of insoluble glass or plastic, which can avoid pollution and provide a high level of bacterial protection. There is often a filli...
  • Diabetic foot bag

    Diabetes foot bag is a structural treatment device specially designed for diabetes patients. Diabetes foot bag can help prevent and control the foot depression, anti infection, muscle spasm relaxation and rigidity of diabetes patients. Diabetes foot bags are usually made of medical guide wire locks,...
  • Guide wire

    Medical guide wire is a precision medical device with elasticity, flexibility, and excellent mechanical properties, medical guide wire is mainly used for medical treatment such as venous puncture, endoscopic examination, and surgery. The operation of medical guide wires requires compliance with a se...
  • Manifolds

    Medical manifolds is intended for multi-channeling liquids or drug or contrast agent for the purpose of eventual infusion into the body,medical manifolds used in percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) and applications to interconnect tubing,catheters,or other devices.
  • Introducer sheath set

    The introducer sheath set is a combination of an insertion tube and a sheath tube, introducer sheath set can be used to insert puncture or surgical tools into the patient's body. The function of the sheath is to support it and prevent the movement of objects introduced into the tube, so that it can ...
  • Medical goggle

    The medical goggels are used in medical institutions for protection during inspection and treatment,blocking body fluids,blood spattering or splashing.
  • Medical isolation face shield

    The medical isolation face shield is used to protect against body fluid, blood spatter or splashes in medical institutions for examination and treatment.